About Winston “BOOM” Whitten Jr.


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Winston “BOOM” Whitten Jr.

Winston “BOOM” Whitten Jr. is a product of traditional New Orleans Public Schools having attended: McDonough #32 and Edna Karr prior to graduating from O.P. Walker High School. He is passionate about ensuring quality education for every student in the city of New Orleans. This passion was solidified at two Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU): Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO) and Southern University in Baton Rouge (SUBR). Winston, affectionately know as BOOM has family roots in the community of Algiers tracing back to the early 1920’s. He is the Great Grandson of Trumpeter “Kid” Thomas Valentine who was Leader of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and the founder of The Algiers Stompers Jazz Band. Both of his parents were educated on the Westbank. His mother is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Jefferson Parish and his father is a 1966 Graduate of L.B. Landry H.S., located in Algiers, District #4. All of Winston’s siblings are all graduates of schools within District #4, except for one, having two sisters as fellow graduates of O. P. Walker HS and several nephews and a niece following in those footsteps. Booms youngest sister is a graduate of Edna Karr Magnet High and second eldest sister is a graduate of West Jefferson High School. Boom has always been active within his community having been raised in Mt. Siani B.C. and participating in sports at FOX Playground, NORD.

Mr. Whitten is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. initiated into the Epsilon Nu Chapter (SUNO). He was also raised to the degree of Master Mason at East End #209 Masonic Temple, Baton Rouge, LA. Winston is Past member of LASAP, SWASAP and TASAP, which are the Louisiana, Southwest and Texas Association of Student Assistance Programs. Boom Whitten has held a career in education over many years in both New Orleans and Houston, TX. First servicing students as a substitute and then as an instructor of Sciences onto providing academic advisory and mentorship to students via the federal academic programs within TRiO, Education Talent Search and Upward Bound.  Boom has held positions within school structures which encompassed the structure of the cultural environment with focus on discipline and behavior.

Throughout his career he has also been involved in proving supplemental academic support the students by serving as an afterschool tutor in programs designed aid and assist students such as 21st Century. As a member of the community he possesses the ability to relate to the needs of the people within Algiers and their struggles to understand why their voices are not adequately heard. As an Educator Winston is familiar with the issues faced, by teachers, within the education system nationwide and the policies that contribute to how our children are policed within schools.

Boom's Platform initiatives

      a.) I will advocate to ensure that all charter schools within Orleans Parish provide Equitable opportunities for ALL students, regardless of Race, Creed, Color or Sexual Orientation. ALL students have a Fundamental Right to a fair and Equitable Education which accommodates each student’s academic needs.
        b.) I will also advocate for Transparency in Policies that are implemented to service our students, both academically and in social structures that outline disciplinary practices to ensure that those practices are in the best interest of students.
        c.) Furthermore I will advocate to hold schools accountable for ensuring that those practices are being applied in accordance with the charter schools terms of contract.

I will serve as a liason on the behalf of students, parents and community members to ensure that their voices are heard and placed under true and actual consideration when policies are created that will directly affect them.

I believe that Teacher’s Voices should be heard without fear of harsh repercussions and that their insight should also be in consideration as it relates to policies in curriculum and other academic services rendered towards our students. I will push back against “At WIll” contracts that do not assist in the establishment of consistency and the development of a strong culture within schools.

I will fight that our students are serviced with Empathy when decisions are made in reference to how our students are policed within schools. I will fight to eradicate harsh punitive disciplinary practices that aid and abet in the school to prison pipeline.

I am a proponent for the return of Community Schools and the elimination of the One App so that our students may attend schools within their respective neighborhoods. 

I will also fight for the return of the OPSB as the Centralized Governing Body for ALL schools and ensure that no school is operating autonomously. And to ensure that the OPSB holds the Orleans Parish School Board Superintendent accountable for ensuring that all schools operate within the terms of their contract.